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For Special Environments (SPACEA™ Series)

The SPACEA Series of bearings for clean-room applications aim for zero emissions. By taking advantage of proprietary technologies, applications for which the SPACEA Series of bearings can be used has been expanded to include high-temperature operating conditions in normal atmosphere and vacuum environments.

YS Bearings with MoS2 Self-Lubricating Cages

LG2/LGU Clean Grease-Packed Bearings

DL2 Clean Grease-Packed Bearings

Clean Lubricant V-DFO Bearings

High corrosion-resistant bearings are applicable in corrosive environments such as water, weak acid and alkali, and strong acid and reactive gas. High corrosion-resistant bearings include stainless steel bearings, Molded-Oil bearings, and corrosion-resistant coated bearings (Nickel coating) for water environments; ceramic bearings and ESA bearings for weak acid and alkali environments; and ceramic bearings and the Aqua-Bearing for strong acid and reactive gas environments.

Stainless Steel Bearings

Molded-Oil™ Bearings

Hybrid Bearings

High Corrosion-Resistant, Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel ESA Bearings

Bearings are provided with ample lubrication for extended periods from oil seeping with a polyolefin resin for excellent performance in water and dust contaminated environments.

These rolling bearings are provided with self-lubricating molded oil, which provides ample lubrication from oil seeping from a polyolefin resin These bearings provide excellent performance in dust-contaminated environments. A stainless steel series of this bearing is also available for environments where there is heavy exposure to water contamination.

Molded-Oil™ Bearings


This rolling bearing, which is packed with fluorine grease for high-temperature operating conditions and uses MoS2 solid lubricant, can be used in high-temperature environments up to 400 °C.

YS High-Temperature Bearings with Spacer Joints

SJ High-Temperature Bearings with Solid Lubrication

High-Temperature KPM Grease-Packed Bearings


Bearings for non-magnetic requirement are classified into non-magnetic (relative permeability 1.01 or less) bearings and completely non-magnetic (relative permeability 1.001 or less) bearings. Both bearings are harder and more resistant to corrosion than conventional stainless steel or beryllium-copper alloys.

High Corrosion-Resistant, Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel ESA Bearings

Completely Non-Magnetic Titanium Alloy Bearings

All-Ceramic Bearings (Oxide-Based Ceramics)


Bearings for vacuum environments are basic products of the NSK SPACEA Series for special environments, which also includes bearings suitable for operating environments such as corrosive, clean, and high-temperature environments, and non-magnetic requirement.

YS High-temperature Bearings with Spacer Joints

YS Bearings with MoS2 Self-lubricating Cages

SJ High-temperature Bearings with Solid Lubrication

Hybrid Bearings

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